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Certification applications for Small Minority Businesses and Minority Owned Business are filed through the Connecticut Department of Administrative Services.

Small Business Enterprise (SBE): In order for a business to be certified as a Small Business Enterprise in Connecticut, it must have gross revenues not exceeding $20,000,000 (as of October 2019) during its most recent fiscal year and do the majority of its business in Connecticut.

Minority Owned Business (MBE): In order for a business to be certified as a Minority Owned Business in Connecticut, it must have at least 50% ownership by one or more minority person(s) who exercise operational authority over daily affairs of the business, have the power to direct management and policies, and recieve the beneficial interests of the business. A minority is a person(s) who is American Indian, Asian, Black, Hispanic, has origins in the Iberian Peninsula, a woman, or an individual with a disability.

For application forms and instructions, please click here.

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DAS Search for Small/Minority Companies – This search tool allows you to create a list of Small/Minority companies who can provide goods and services to meet your needs. It allows you to sort your results based upon specific criteria such as company name, keyword, county, city/town, or organization type, etc.

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