Educating Contractors, Vendors and UConn Community

UConn understands that navigating with such a large University is not easy for small and minority businesses. We continue to look for ways to assist you in your endeavors…ways that can be accessed on your schedule. We hope that you will find the following information helpful.

Recent Supplier Diversity (USDP) Presentations


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Prequalification at UConn – Three (3) CT-S/MBE-Focused Financial Workshops

UConn Construction Management Outreach Events

  • Outreach Events are required by all Construction Managers contracting with the University, to ensure that small and minority businesses are aware of and participating in the bidding process for packages (set-aside or not) relating to their respective projects.

UConn Regional S/MBE Outreach Workshops

  • These events are held periodically in the community, to share upcoming projects and to hear the concerns and successes of the small and minority businesses who have or wish to do business with the University.